2022 Programs Announced

2022 Programs Announced

Train & Play Clinic: 

Pass sharper, jump higher, spike harder, play with more confidence but most importantly more fun!

Train, learn, and play with a community of people who all want the same things in improving in volleyball! No volleyball skills, little experience, getting back to it, or refining your skills; there is a program for all adults looking to better their game 

Organized Drop In (Complete)

Come as an individual or with a group. Try different volleyball minigames, followed by organized scrimmages. Fun setting to meet new people and warm up before Train & Play clinics.


June & July 2022

FTLO's uniqueness is an inclusive, community of adults who want to have fun WHILE improving their volleyball skills. Our TRAIN & PLAY leagues give specific technical feedback and suggestions while including game-like drills and actual games. Every session includes lots of game scenarios and play. Our SCRIMMAGE nights provide an exclusive time slot for participants to play against each other.

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Technical and Professional coaching to progressively improve your volleyball skills and gameplay. Time is split 60% technical training, 40% team gameplay to integrate technical skills developed. The whole training group works together for the same self-improvement goals. Skills clinic to improve your bumping, spiking, game reading and teamwork with others!


Friday evenings where coaches organize scrimmages and games for teams to play. Group formation is TBD and not required to be formed prior to arriving each night. Practice the skills from the week and meet a wide group of people.

FTLO Volleyball provides adults an inclusive community to train and develop their volleyball skills and gameplay.  Offering programs for adults in Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, and the Metro Vancouver area, Train and Play leagues are open for beginners, intermediates, and competitive adults who are interested in improving their volleyball game!