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FTLO in the Community - Wildfires


We find ourselves amidst challenging times. The wildfires in Maui, Yellow Knife, Kelowna, and throughout BC haven’t gone unnoticed. In the spirit of community and responsibility, FTLO Volleyball felt a duty to help were we could.

With the insightful leadership of Commissioner Shum, our community FTLOers – through drop-in volleyball- collectively contributed $850 CAD to the American Red Cross in Maui. Those funds will aid those actively mitigating the wildfire’s effects.

Now, this might be a drop in the bucket considering the massive need out there. Yet, every drop counts. We want to offer genuine thanks to each member of our community for making this possible. It’s actions like these, however small, that resonate with hope and solidarity.

As we move forward, let’s stay informed, aware, and ready to lend a hand. Your efforts, passion, and commitment to stand together are truly commendable.

Until our next update, stay safe and strong.

With respect,