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FTLO Code of Conduct and Conditions

  • Safety is #1: All sessions will run unless otherwise notified through email by FTLO coaches. Outdoor sessions with unfavourable* and unsafe grass conditions (Extreme and/or disruptive rain and/or wind, natural disasters, etc) will be postponed.
  • League & Training Sessions will count as “completed” if the session has run for a minimum of 30 minutes. Coaches design sessions for safety, fun, and optimal challenge. Please notify the FTLO coaches if you have certain medical conditions that require playing modifications.
  • *Unfavourable Weather Conditions (UWC): On training sessions where FTLO deems the weather or field is unfavourable for play, sessions will be rescheduled for the same weekday on the following week. Notice may be sent to participants at least 1 to 1.5 hours from the original session start time. Drop-In or Tournament rescheduling will not follow the condition above.

    • Postponed and Replacement of Sessions: Participants acknowledge that training sessions may extend up to 3 weeks beyond the expected dates to account for sessions postponed by UWC. No extra sessions or dates will be offered beyond the 3-week extension.

      • Ex. Wed Training (8 Sessions) scheduled June 7 to July 26. If on the 2nd session, Wednesday June 14th is postponed due to UWC, this program’s last session is now extended to August 2. There is a possibility that more session postponements due to UWC occur, and may extend your sessions, to at most 3 weeks, until August 16.

  • Availability: Participants who cannot attend a session are encouraged to find substitutes to play in their place. They should alert FTLO coaches if they cannot find replacements.


  • Facilities: FTLO Volleyball utilizes facilities owned by public institutions (eg. City of Richmond, City of Burnaby, Vancouver Park Boards). Participants shall respect the fields’ policies and restrictions which are imposed by the property owner.


  • To ensure your registration is complete, a bank E-Transfer or cash payment must be made upon the program spot invitation. 


  • Participants are encouraged to share any medical condition and/or training limitations to the FTLO coaches on the participation form. (ie. Relevant past injuries, allergies, medication taken, concussion history, month/year of injuries)


  • Participants can receive a 100% refund if any cancellation is requested no later than 14 calendar days before the league or event start date. If a cancellation request is made within 14 calendar days before league or event start date, participants will receive 50% of the registration fee refunded. Any refunds made will require a $2.00 administrative banking charge. 

  • No refund will be issued after the league or training start date.  Participants can look to assign their registration to another adult as a replacement. 

  • Prorated refunds for incomplete training sessions resulting from UWC will be issued at the end of the season if, within the season including 3 additional replacement session dates, there are more than 1 session owed. (Ie. If there are 2 owed sessions by the end of the 8+3 week season, participants will receive a refund equivalent to 2 sessions.)  

  • Tournament cancellation and refunds will follow specific conditions stated in each tournament registration.

  • Participatory Suitability: FTLO reserves the right to decline and/or refund a participant’s registration payment if the participant is deemed not suitable for the playing environment. This will be communicated via a case-by-case matter.


  • ASSUMPTION OF RISKS: It is understood that, by accepting and registering for FTLO Volleyball programs, there are inherent physical risks associated with any sport, including indoor and outdoor volleyball. Participants may be struck by volleyballs during the course of training and league play. It is not uncommon for individuals to come in contact with other participants while interacting with training equipment, poles, or objects near the environment. Though FTLO programs are designed with safety in mind, participants must be aware that injuries occur in sports and must freely accept that sprained ankles, impact to fingers, body, limbs, and sore muscle groups may result from participation in addition to other potential risks, dangers, and hazards causing possible injury, death, property damage or losses resulting therein.
  • RELEASE OF CLAIMS & INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: Each participant, on behalf of their legal representatives, heirs, executors, successors, must read and voluntarily agree to release, waive and forever discharge FTLO Volleyball Association and its coaches, partners, contractors and volunteers, from all claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, whether in law or in equity, in respect of death, injury, loss, or damage to their person or property, arising by reason of their participation or attendance, due to any cause whatsoever, including negligence, breach of contract or duty of care. Each participant undertakes to hold and save harmless and agree to indemnify FTLO Volleyball Association and it’s coaches, partners, contractors and volunteers from and against any and all liability incurred by any or all of them arising as a result of, or in any way connected with the participation or attendance of FTLO programs.
    SUITABILITY: Participants agree that they are fully capable of participating in the designated sport, and agree to share to coaches any personally relevant physical, medical, or mental conditions that may interfere with or limit their participation with FTLO Volleyball. By signing with their registration, they waive, release and will hold harmless FTLO Volleyball, it’s coaches, partners, contractors, volunteers and representatives for any injury that may be suffered by themselves in the normal course of participation along with the activities incidental thereto, whether the result of negligence or any other cause.
  • PHOTO & VIDEO RELEASE: By participating with FTLO Volleyball, participants grant permission to FTLO Volleyball and its representatives to collect media (photography and videography included) of their physical inclusion with FTLO Volleyball programs. FTLO Volleyball and its representatives would further be granted the right to reproduce, use, exhibit, display, broadcast and distribute these images and recordings in any media now known or later developed for promoting, publicizing or explaining FTLO Volleyball and its activities and for administrative, educational, or promotional purposes. Participants give full consent, and will otherwise notify FTLO Volleyball staff, with text documentation, if they would like to consult and/or modify this agreement.
  • INCLUSIVENESS & RIGHTS OF DISMISSAL: FTLO welcomes all adults from all backgrounds to participate in its programs. FTLO has zero-tolerance for racial discrimination, harassment, or any unwelcomed and inappropriate behaviours towards any of it’s members. FTLO reserves the right to remove participants from play on a case-by-case manner.

By digitally selecting ‘I AGREE’ in FTLO’s registration form, participants voluntarily acknowledge that they have read, understood, and will adhere to All FTLO Policies, Code of Conduct, Assumption of Risks, Release of Claims & Indemnity Agreement, and consent to the remaining General Agreements of Participation.

All other inquiries, comments, or questions should be taken up with info@ftlovolleyball.ca


  • COVID-19: In accordance with British Columbia’s Province-Wide Restrictions website, all sport exercise and fitness activities are allowed to resume at full capacity (Gov BC. 2022). FTLO Volleyball also follows guidelines recommended by Volleyball BC’s Return to Play resource (VBC).
  • COVID-19 is contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person contact. It is believed that an individual can be infected with COVID-19 without their knowledge and be asymptomatic (March 11, 2020, WHO).
  • FTLO Volleyball will put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, FTLO Volleyball cannot guarantee that anyone else will not become infected with COVID-19 or any other disease. Participation in a FTLO Volleyball program(s), related event, or activity, could increase the risk of contracting COVID-19.
  • By signing the agreement, I ACKNOWLEDGE the contagious nature of COVID-19 and VOLUNTARILY ASSUME THE RISK that I, or my circle of friends, may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 by participating in a FTLO Volleyball program(s), related event, or activity, and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability, or death. Although I understand general safety measures are being practised by FTLO Volleyball, I understand that the risk of becoming exposed to or infected by COVID-19 may result from the actions, omissions, or negligence of myself, or others, including, but not limited to, FTLO Volleyball coaches, partners, contractors and volunteers and program participants. I understand that myself, or anyone else, may be asked to leave a session or program if safety rules related to Covid-19 are not followed.
  • I UNDERSTAND, VOLUNTARILY ACCEPT, AND ASSUME ALL the foregoing risks related to COVID-19 and ACCEPT SOLE RESPONSIBILITY for any injury or illness that may occur. Further, I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE that this release includes any claims based on the actions, omissions, or negligence of FTLO Volleyball, its employees, agents, and representatives, whether a COVID-19 or unrelated infection occurs before, during, or after participation in any FTLO Volleyball program(s), related event, or activity.

6 COVID-19 Return To Play Guidelines

  1. FTLO Volleyball expects all participants will act with honesty and integrity in regard to the state of their personal health and any potential symptoms; If you are sick, or show any symptoms of COVID-19, have travelled in the last 14 days, or have been in contact with a sick person, please stay home and consider using a test kit.
  2. All participants are expected to be current with BC health guidelines related to Covid-19. Any suspected cases, felt-symptoms, or visited COVID-19 testing should be notified to FTLO.

  3. Practice reasonable social distancing and proper hygiene before, during and after each session. Face away from others if coughing or sneezing and try to increase the distance from others prior to coughing or sneezing. Re-sanitization is highly recommended during breaks and must be done if you believe coughing or sneezing has made contact with your hands and/or arms.

  4. Sanitize your hands prior to and after each session and during all breaks. Sharing of personal equipment such as towels, food and drinks, or other equipment known to spread contact points is not reccomended. 

  5. Observers are encouraged to watch from a distance but should not touch any volleyball equipment, including volleyball. Groups of the same social circles are encouraged to train together.

  6. Contact Matt from FTLO Volleyball if you become sick within 14 days of training together.