FTLO Volleyball – Adult Clinics, Leagues, Games


Volleyball is a sport for life and should be enjoyed by all, regardless of skill. 

While FTLO is a registered Not-for-Profit organization who includes adults of all abilities, its programs cater to various specific levels of experiences and skills to ensure the best combination of challenge and fun. 

 FTLO’s training and leagues are for adults interested in playing in a stress and conflict-free, development focused, high fun environment.  

B, BB, A, AA Experiences Explained

Players and user groups may use the descriptions below as a reference point for which level of play is most appropriate


B - Beginner

Adults with little to basic volleyball skills or formal team play. B level provides fun and engaging training environments for adults to learn and re-learn foundational habits and confidence for all basic volleyball skills required to have meaningful rallies*. Adults may train at this level for multiple seasons to develop foundational confidence.

At this Level: Rallies are developing but not consistent. Focus is on movement confidence and first contact.

Development: All foundational skills at high volume repetitions. Consistency of the first passing and setting, serving and spiking mechanics, Introduction of team game play.

*Note. Meaningful rallies include 2-3 contacts per team before going over the net, as opposed to rallies that end from a single contact play (Ie. Missed serve, ace, ‘shanked’/poor first contact)

BB - Lower Intermediate

Rally Ready players. Players who can consistently pass, set, and hit at a recreational pace or in a controlled training environment. BB level builds on top of basic skills, integrating 6’s or 4’s team play, and may be training in specific positions and roles on the court.

At this level: Players can sustain (but are also improving on) multiple contacts in each rally, with more challenges in receiving and defending faster paced attacks.

Development: Responsive movements to team play, strengthening of all fundamentals + blocking and digging, roles and responsibilities during rallies.

A - Intermediate​

Competition Ready. A level adults may have prior high school gr.8-10 volleyball team experiences. They may also have sport-transferable experiences from similar competitive sports. A level should be playing in comp. leagues which involve faster serves, spikes, blocks. Adults may be competing at this level for many seasons.


At this level: Players can sustain meaningful rallies most of the time while facing some challenges with faster paced attacks; similar to a 15U competitive club team.


Development: Fine tune individual and team strategies and systems. High volume repetitions with focus on 2 or 3 aspects and strategies.

AA - Advanced

Advanced Competition Ready. Adults with equivalent of gr.10-12 volleyball team experience, or those who may have extensive training and competition experience.


At this level: Competition is high. Rallies are fast paced with strong attacks and defenses. Not much coaching may be needed because of the years of habits, reps, and experiences.


Development: Private coaching and training is recommended to advance further to AAA/Open (Typically university and collegiate players)


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