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Pass Sharper, Jump Higher, Spike Harder

Technical and Professional coaching to progressively improve your volleyball skills and gameplay. Time is split between technical training and team gameplay. Participants may focus on their individual skills, but the whole group works and trains together for the same self-improvement goals. Skills covered in clinics improve your passing, bumping, spiking, game reading and teamwork with others! All skill levels are welcomed, see below!

Compared to a typical scrimmage, training in a quality environment increases your volleyball contact by 350-400 touches per session! 
Play with more confidence, but most importantly, play with more fun! 

Train, learn, and play with a community of people who share similar goals of continuous improvement! Whether you have none or little experience, just getting back to it, or refining your skills back to league play; there is a program for all adults looking to better their game.

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Over 500+ Participants Since 2017

Khristelle H
Khristelle H
I first joined FTLO last summer and it has been an incredible experience! Not only did I make lots of new friends, but I also learned how to play volleyball and grow as a player. My favourite part about FTLO is the warm and welcoming community they’ve created where everyone feels included and supported, no matter your skill level. The coaches are absolutely amazing, patient, and encouraging (shoutout to coach Justin, Steven, Matt and Brian!). I highly recommend FTLO to anyone who wants to have a blast learning and playing volleyball and being part of a fantastic group of people 🏐🎉
Tim Carlos
Tim Carlos
Words can’t express my appreciation for FTLO. I first got involved during their outdoor summer clinic in 2023 and came in with low expectations and no previous volleyball background. The environment was friendly, lighthearted and welcoming and it’s a testament to all the coaches and their positive attitudes! Shouting out coaches Sunny, Egan and Sim during the summer and Steven, Brian and coach Dream during the fall and winter indoor clinics. FTLO has built a wonderful volleyball community and I’ve made so many new friendships and improved my skills a lot because of it! So whether you’re a beginner that has never played, or someone looking to shake off some rust and get some reps in, this is the community for you! Have fun learning, improving and meeting tons of volleyball loving humans! 10/10 would recommend so sign up for a clinic or join their leagues and I promise you won’t regret it 🙂
nina a
nina a
FTLO has been the most welcoming, informative and enjoyable clinic I have joined so far! Most volleyball clinics and camps I've attended have had a very check-list like structure as well as a clear separation from coaches and participants. But in FTLO, the coaches (Matt and Rand) had really put an emphasis on your progress and improvements. They really would help you to progress on your weak points and aim to excel on your good points. There is also a strong sense of community and a "judge free zone" mentality which really helped me feel fully comfortable to really focus on improving. I had joined the Spring Clinic earlier this year and honestly, I was very anxious. I'm quite shy, had joined alone and haven't played in a while. The atmosphere and encouragement created by the coaches was such a relief to me. I felt like it was truly a place I could be fully vulnerable to learn and improve with no judgement. I also admired the coaches vulnerability when sharing their own volleyball mistakes and journey. Thank you FTLO for doing what you do! 🙂 My love for the sport grew even more and I made a lot of really awesome friends through this! 🙂 100/10 definitely recommend.
Steve C
Steve C
I play indoor mostly. Wanted to get some extra reps and improve on my passing during summer break. Wasn’t quite sure if I would get anything out of this clinic but was pleasantly surprised. The coaches and Mat taught us solid tips and training that I’m working on for both my outdoor and indoor game. Great vibes and positive energy. Good for newbies and oldies. Thanks FTLO crew.
Joy L
Joy L
I got so much more than I could've hoped for with joining these clinics. Not only did I learn how to play and improve all my skills, I feel really lucky to have also been immersed in one of the most wholesome and supportive communities. Learning a sport as an adult is difficult enough, so the fact that every coach is so encouraging and everyone participating is there to have fun, gives me reason enough to keep coming back for more!
Lisa Tam
Lisa Tam
I participated skills clinic and thoroughly enjoyed the training environment, the coaches and the people coming out to learn just like me. I highly recommend FTLO clinics to beginners, intermediate and upper intermediate players wanting to brush up on skills.
Izzy Chan
Izzy Chan
I've only dropped in to a few clinics, but every time everyone was so welcoming -- Matt, the other coaches, and the players! It was easy to see how committed everyone was to doing their best/improving, while keeping things fun. It makes me miss playing volleyball regularly with a team, but is something I look forwards to being a part of whenever I'm in town!
Valdone Koronczi
Valdone Koronczi
Really awesome team of coaches and a great program! I've done their indoor and outdoor clinics and both were really good. People who go there are lovely and want to improve and have fun and coaches constantly remind of this culture - which is lovely! Doing all the different drills has improved my technique a lot and has made me feel much more confident. I've also participated in their beginners tournament which was a lot of fun and a great training experience too. Thanks so much Matt and everyone for FTLO!

What is Your Skill Level?

Beginner (B-BB)

  • New-to-Little experience
  • Interested in a recreational and dedicated training pace
  • Develop strong solid fundamental skills
  • Basic understanding of game/rules
  • Get back to playing volleyball again
  • Learning to be Rally Ready*


  • High school team or previous clinic or competitive sport experience
  • Can perform all basic fundamental skills* in a game setting
  • Looking to improve overall skills & fitness to help win more games
  • Most-to-all times Rally Ready*
  • Interested in regimented training

*Basic Fundamental Skills = Bumping, Setting, Attacking, Serving
*Rally Ready = Ability to perform skills and decisions at game speed and keep the rally going.
All Train & Play Programs offer specific quality training repetitions combined with game play.

Not sure what skill level you fall into? Visit our Skill Level Descriptions page.

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