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Pass Sharper, Jump Higher, Spike Harder

Technical and Professional coaching to progressively improve your volleyball skills and gameplay. Time is split between technical training and team gameplay. Participants may focus on their individual skills, but the whole group works and trains together for the same self-improvement goals. Skills covered in clinics improve your passing, bumping, spiking, game reading and teamwork with others! All skill levels are welcomed, see below!

Compared to a typical scrimmage, training in a quality environment increases your volleyball contact by 350-400 touches per session! 
Play with more confidence, but most importantly, play with more fun! 

Train, learn, and play with a community of people who share similar goals of continuous improvement! Whether you have none or little experience, just getting back to it, or refining your skills back to league play; there is a program for all adults looking to better their game.

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Braelyn GBraelyn G
01:45 14 Aug 22
I’m so glad I decided to join FTLO this summer! I haven’t played volleyball in a long time and have never played grass volleyball, but the beginner group consisted of individuals with a variety of skill levels and experience with volleyball so I felt very comfortable playing. I was a bit hesitant to join by myself but the FTLO community is so welcoming and inclusive, and I met a lot of great people! Our training night had both beginners and intermediates, and while Matt mostly coached on the intermediate side, the coaches on the beginner side were very knowledgeable and gave great tips. Each session included a variety of drills and some gameplay at the end. I definitely feel like I have improved my volleyball skills over the course of the season. All in all, would 100% recommend!
Sophia ChangSophia Chang
04:34 13 Aug 22
Had a lot fun doing the train & play program with FTLO this summer! As someone who is relatively new to volleyball and completely new to grass vball, this supportive learning environment was exactly what I needed to feel comfortable. The program allows you to focus on techniques and getting repetition in more than you would in a game. Highly recommend for people of any level, plus you also get to meet a great community of people too!
Morgan WaughMorgan Waugh
18:21 08 Aug 22
This has been the third clinic that I’ve participated in under the tutelage of Matt and Rand, and I couldn’t be happier with my volleyball growth. While my skills can be inconsistent on solid gym floor, they have made the transition to grass easy.FTLO sessions consist of skill building and game play. It is a great place to build on all levels of skill, to challenge yourself on new terrain, and to extend your learning in volleyball.FTLO is truly inclusive to all abilities. Matt and his team of excellent coaches should be extremely proud of the volleyball community they have helped built.
Dean ChenDean Chen
03:57 12 Sep 21
FTLO is a clinic like no other, brining players from all backgrounds together, whilst maintaining a positive energy suitable for picking up new skills or improving on existing abilities. Matt brings his passion for volleyball, translates that into bite sized instruction and facilitates your development within the sport. On a personal level this clinic gave me the foundation to both have fun, and by the end of it, transition into more competitive environments where I could play more seriously. Truly a fruitful community.I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone. Full stop. You won't regret it. Your fellow proud FLTOer.

What is Your Skill Level?

Beginner (B-BB)

  • New-to-Little experience
  • Interested in a recreational and dedicated training pace
  • Develop strong solid fundamental skills
  • Basic understanding of game/rules
  • Get back to playing volleyball again
  • Learning to be Rally Ready*


  • High school team or previous clinic or competitive sport experience
  • Can perform all basic fundamental skills* in a game setting
  • Looking to improve overall skills & fitness to help win more games
  • Most-to-all times Rally Ready*
  • Interested in regimented training

*Basic Fundamental Skills = Bumping, Setting, Attacking, Serving
*Rally Ready = Ability to perform skills and decisions at game speed and keep the rally going.
All Train & Play Programs offer specific quality training repetitions combined with game play.

Not sure what skill level you fall into? Visit our Skill Level Descriptions page.

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